Absence from School

Absenteeism in KIPS School is discouraged. School Management should be intimated about the students’ absence by the parents/guardians on the very first day of absence before 10:00 A.M. telephonically.

Details about absence from school are as follows

  • Authorized Absence: When a reason is given
  • Unauthorized Absence: When a reason is not given

At KIPS School children are not allowed to leave the school premises during the school hours until and unless:

  • Parents/guardians collect their child.
  • The school receives a note or a telephone call from parents/guardians.
  • Parents must sign the register at the reception to take their child with them during school hours.
  • School identification card has to be worn; else the child can be fined.
  • KIPSians are requested to reach school in time to avoid any academic loss and class disturbance. Latecomers are fined accordingly.

Petals to Caress

Everyone wants attention and care but this is possible only if you extend care to others. Children are therefore, supposed to:

  • Be kind, gentle and helpful to each other
  • Be well-mannered, obedient and respectful
  • Avoid using indecent and rough language
  • Considerate and open hearted

Caring for School

Students are supposed to

  • Keep their environment clean, tidy and safe
  • Drop the litter in the bins provided
  • Take care of the ground, walls, furniture, plants, trees and lawns
  • Use the suggested gates while entering and leaving the school
  • Avoid things that could be dangerous to others

Eager Learning

In order to show excellent academic progress, students are supposed to:

  • Do their homework properly
  • Submit their assignments well before time
  • Be punctual and regular
  • Take an active participation in class discussion

Caring for Classroom

Students are prohibited to:

  • Write anything or scribble on the classroom walls, boards or chairs etc.
  • Indulge in any act of destruction/damage
  • Take part in any activity that is unethical, against the rule or unpleasant