Pre-9th at KIPS School

Launching Pre-9th every year is a unique feature of KIPS School. It provides the competitive edge for students to achieve excellent results. Our position winning team through its incomparable and comprehensive teaching methodology and effective learning tools like KIPS School’s own Publications, continuous Evaluation, Counseling and Guidance not only ensures timely but also complete and effective preparation of students. This session is sincerely recommended to the students desirous of achieving extraordinary score in Board Exams. A few of many salient features of joining this session are:

  • An Early Session for a Comprehensive Preparation
  • An Added Advantage of 2-3 Months
  • Special Focus on Base & Concept Development
  • Comprehensive Methodology, eliminating dependence on Evening Coaching
  • Continuous & Repeated Evaluation, Practice & Preparation
  • Well in Time Course Completion
  • Longer Revision & Test Session
  • Peer to Peer Learning & Competition
  • Multiple Individual/Group Counseling Sessions
  • Special Lectures on Motivation & Study Strategies
  • Due Emphasis on practicals
  • Brighter Prospects of Excellent Score in Board Exams