KIPS School has its own independent Curriculum Development Wing that works under direct command of Deputy-Director Schools and in the supervision of Director Schools and Colleges. It is responsible for Developing Curriculum in general and devising Fortnightly planners, developing exam papers, conducting teachers training sessions, developing worksheets, and formulating Summer Vacation Tasks in particular. The Curriculum team overviews the latest trends academia in order to inculcate them in the curriculum of KIPS School.

Features of KIPS School Curriculum

KIPS School Curriculum carries the following features:

  • Student Centered Approach
  • Creativity
  • Practical Learning
  • Integration with
    • The Holy Quran
    • Leadership Tools
      • Brainstorming
      • Problem Identification and Solution
      • Decision Making
    • Monetary Aspects
    • Social Life
    • Civic Sense

Planning Strategy

  • Formulate leaning outcomes for each topic
  • Connecting the concept to previous learning
  • Offering a creative outlet
  • Supplying new information
  • Asking learners to apply acquired knowledge in their own lives
  • Asking for a commitment in using the information for better retention

Lesson Planning

  • Objectives
  • Approach
  • Methodology
  • Activity
  • Evaluation
  • Teaching Aids
  • Learning at Home
  • Wrap up