Believes in Excellence

KIPS School is a total care and career realm. With its valuable institutional contribution in Johar Town, Allama Iqbal Town and Mughalpura, it is advancing, now, to other awaiting areas of the city and The whole of the Punjab as well. Our school up bringing has leader like impact beyond the school walls. We work and value with No Child Left Behind approach at all levels. At joining, we closely read children’s temperament, attention state, learning capacities, interaction with the environment and proximal development. For nurturing innate curiosity, a socio learning environment is our designed priority. Our kids avail themselves with rich visual, mathematical, lingual and logical source material. Here, a child becomes co-creator of his/her knowledge in the company of competent, concerned and considerate teachers. In the very start of primary level, set pattern of handwriting becomes a common skill among our KIPSians. Groom oriented colorful events go as integral part of students study schedule. We totally engage our students, at this stage, to the development of skills and competencies. Content conscious acquisition and case conscious opportunities make KIPS School hours meaningful and cheerful. At middle level, we pursue adaptation, creation, expression and communication of an individual more Intensively. Counseling facility at this stage becomes more prominent. The impressive blend of spoken ease and creative skills makes our KIPSians feel confident and proud. Throughout the year, Inter KIPS School Activity platform enhances the performance of students’ in academics, arts and sports. Our leading strategies focus moral, motivational and academic excellence for personal, professional and social life altogether at secondary level. Every year extraordinary Board Results of KIPS School, help our students realize their potential to the fullest as distinctive teaching methodology of KIPS School, which includes text handling clarity, time management approach and unique performing skills, make no way unknown to them secure 100 percent marks in each subject.